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Bluetooth transmitter and receiver for Aux connector

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Colour: Black


WIRELESS TRANSMITTER is a Bluetooth transmitter that can connect your TV to your Bluetooth headset or earphones. This accessory makes any television smart and allows you to watch a film or any other TV content without disturbing or being disturbed by anyone. The process is very simple: activate the Wireless Transmitter and pair it with your Bluetooth headset or earphones. Then plug the Wireless Transmitter into a 3.5 port on the TV. The TV and audio device are now connected. The Wireless Transmitter can also be used with other devices and in other situations, such as on an aeroplane if you want to watch a film using your headphones, or in the gym during a workout accompanied by music. The same use can be implemented in the car, to listen to your favourite music by connecting your car radio to your smartphone



  • Lets you turn a non-Bluetooth device into a wireless one. Transmitter mode – lets you transmit the audio signal of your TV to your wireless headphones. Reception mode – lets you receive your smartphone audio signal.
  • Universal Compatibility. Connects to your headphones, earphones or other wireless devices through Bluetooth.
  • Perfect for TVs or other devices without a Bluetooth connection but with a 3.5 mm jack port. Connect the transmitter to your TV or another device and pair it to your wireless earphones or headphones through Bluetooth technology. Also perfect on a plane and in the gym.
  • Play time: 10 hours. Recharge Time: 2.5 hours.
  • Pack contents: Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, 3.5 mm jack – 3.5 mm jack connection, charge cable, instructions.

Technology Bluetooth
Colour Black
Connector Jack 3.5mm
Certifications Bluetooth
Tipologia Porta Micro USB
Play Time Totale (ore) 10
Caratteristiche Speciali Bluetooth 5.0

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