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Tetra Force Quantum - iPhone 11 Pro Max

Ultra-protective 360° case made from tempered glass with shock-absorbing edges.

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Colour: Transparent


Tetra Force Quantum is the perfect ultra-protective case if you want a high level of protection for your smartphone. It’s made from innovative, high-tech materials that can cushion and absorb any knocks caused by accidental drops. The front and back of the case are made from extra-strong tempered glass with an oil-repellent treatment to prevent any fingerprints and to guarantee greater scratch resistance. The shock-absorbing edges and the perimeter of the case made from shockproof material guarantee complete protection from knocks and drops. The innovative IDS technology (Impact Dissipating System™, developed by Cellularline) dissipates the energy and vibrations generated by knocks, avoiding any potential damage to the phone.


  • Extra-strong tempered glass front and back of the case
  • Cushioned edges with excellent shock absorption
  • I.D.S. (Impact Dissipating System)™: This innovative system uses shockproof material that provides the best protection for your smartphone from accidental knocks and drops
  • Oil-repellent treatment: prevents fingerprints and guarantees greater resistance against scratches
  • It has passed the Military Test, an internationally recognised certification which proves resistance to knocks and drops


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