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Long Life - iPhone 11/XR

Indestructible hybrid glass screen protector with lifetime warranty

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Product Code: LONGLIFEIPH961K


Long Life is the superior-quality hybrid glass screen protector designed to be indestructible and to offer the best protection. The special hydro-molecular treatment makes it particularly resistant and flexible and almost impossible to break or chip. It adheres perfectly to the entire surface of the display, ensuring excellent conductivity and touch sensitivity.

For us, quality is not just a promise. It's a duty! If Long Life should break, we will replace it for the entire lifetime of your smartphone. See the warranty terms and conditions by visiting our website www.cellularline.com/en/one4ever


  • Hybrid glass designed to be indestructible
  • Includes ONE4EVER warranty, which in case of breakage allows you to replace the Long Life for the entire life of the smartphone
  • Extremely adherent, it ensures excellent conductivity and sensitivity to touch
  • Extremely close-fitting, ensuring excellent conductivity and touch sensitivity
  • Maximum protection of the display from scratches and shocks
  • Excellent visual quality equal to the original display

Technology Bubble-proof
Ultra-transparent HD

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