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Dash Clip - Universal

In-car instrument cluster smartphone holder

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Product Code: PILOTVIEWK
Colour: Black


Dash Clip is the universal in-car holder made with a scratchproof rubber finish that fastens to the part of the dashboard immediately above the car’s instrument cluster*. Functional and secure, the Dash Clip in-car holder lets you have the road and your smartphone within the same field of vision, which prevents you from changing where you’re looking and always keeps your visual concentration in the same direction, staying focused on driving. Dash Clip is compatible with most dashboards on the market and can be used without removing your phone case. *Before installing the holder, you should check that the dashboard sticks out at least 30 mm from the instrument cluster and that your smartphone does not obstruct your view while driving.
Dash Clip - Universal


  • Innovative system for attaching to the dashboard: the holder is positioned on the control panel behind the steering wheel without obstructing the view of the driver
  • Maximum extension: 90mm
  • Compact design: extremely discreet when closed
  • The pack includes: In-car smartphone holder, Instructions

Colour Black
Support Type Dashboard