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The best family trips on Instagram

2th May 2019

Travelling families on social networks: many people go on adventures to discover the world with young and old kids in tow. Here’s a selection of the most spectacular accounts that document mums and dads’ travels on Instagram with their children, kids or teenagers, through the most striking natural landscapes and beautiful cities on the planet.+

The adventurous travels of Globetotting

With almost 8 million followers, this page is run by two American mums who want to pass on their passion for travelling to their kids (and other parents). Victoria from Pennsylvania and Katja from Mexico share their discoveries on Instagram and on their special website. What’s never missing on Globetotting? An adventure around the world. Thus you get various pictures of festivals in far-off places like India and Peru, photos of children and camels in the middle of the desert, young and old alike on skis tackling the pistes of the Dubai Mall and much more. There’s even a photo where one of the young children catches a small sea turtle on a beach in Panama, before putting it back in the ocean. Every photo on Globetotting, followed by thousands of users, gives a detailed account of the trip or guides that sum up “the ten things to do with children” in Borneo, Buenos Aires and many other places across the planet.


TravelBabbo, travelling with dad

“Take your kids everywhere”. This is the slogan promoted by Eric Stoen, the user behind the special family trip account, TravelBabbo, which he set up to inspire families to take children of all ages to discover amazing places around the world. Together with his wife and kids, Stoen takes a long trip every year, showing dream destinations and some of the oldest cultural sites in the world to his online page’s 61,000 plus followers. You can admire pictures on Instagram of Australia, Hong Kong, Belize, Bali, the Maldives and even Antarctica. Some of the destinations have been suggested by the kids themselves. It’s not just photos: TravelBabbo also provides suggestions and tips on making your family trip as smooth as possible. The page’s name comes from a trip to Florence: “babbo” is an affectionate term for dad in Tuscan dialect, so during the holiday, his kids adopted this term and continued this nice habit once they got home too.


Hawkeye Huey, the youngest one

At seven years old, Hawkeye Huey is one of the youngest travellers on Instagram. He got his passion for photography and travelling from his dad, Aaron, a professional photographer for National Geographic, who runs his son’s Instagram account. This young reporter, who follows his father on his work trips, uses a traditional digital camera to take photos rather than a smartphone, showing his 226,000 plus followers what life is like for cowboys in Arizona, the street art that brightens up California, and the wonders of natural parks in the United States, from Yellowstone National Park to Joshua Tree National Park.


Smiths Holiday Road for accessible holidays

“Our travels with three kids and a wheelchair”. This is the description of the Instagram account of this Australian family who wanted to share not only the beauty of the world, but also how you can travel with three children in tow: two girls and one boy who has to use a wheelchair. “Travel allows us to challenge ourselves, push ourselves and prove that we are capable of anything if we just try”, says the blog linked to the account. Bron, Andrew, Cooper, Pepper and Elwood have received approval from over 14,000 Instagrammers, sharing almost 1000 photos on Smiths Holiday Road showing their family visiting monasteries at Terelj National Park, out walking in New Zealand’s nature, and on the beaches of Melbourne.


Mum Pack Travel, travelling with mum

This mother and her seven-year-old daughter began travelling in February 2016 and they have kept a photo travel diary on Instagram ever since, which now has over 1400 pictures. Over 93,000 users already follow the adventures of Evie and Emmies, receiving constant updates on their adventure in Asia, which has led the two girls to visit 13 countries on the continent. The Mum Pack Travel account catapults thousands of Instagrammers onto the Great Wall of China, to the feet of Sri Lankan temples, and alongside elephants in Cambodia. The Australian duo also shows plenty of pictures of Melbourne, Maddens Falls, scuba diving in the Maldives and much more. Each photo is accompanied by details of the leg of their journey and useful tips.