Innovative technology, comfort and a modern design are combined to offer you an incomparable music listening experience.
Each accessory in the Audio Quality Lab product line is designed and built to fit your lifestyle perfectly and help you enjoy the beat and the melody of your favourite music every moment of your day, so you can amplify your excitement to the max!


A complete line of speakers that's perfect for listening to music with no wires...and no limits. At home or outdoors in urban, metropolitan settings, AQL Bluetooth speakers let you listen to and share your favourite music with whoever you want, and get an excellent listening experience, too.


With our AQL Bluetooth headphones, you lose yourself in the music you love. They offer excitement every time you use them! An ultra-light, portable design is matched with advanced Active Noise Cancelling technology that eliminates background noise. Each earphone is specially designed for your days on-the-go.


Innovative technology, ergonomic design and music reproduction of the highest quality - with total isolation from external noise - and all this with no wires! The AQL Bluetooth earphones product line is for people who want to listen to their favourite melodies and talk on the phone with total freedom of movement, and isolated from external noise, as they go about their daily affairs, from leisure time to sports.


In-ear, oval or classic: choose the one you find most comfortable! AQL wired earphones are great for those who want to take their music with them and enjoy it any time and in any situation - from travel to sports.


Splitters and aux cables are essential for completing your collection of music accessories. They help you share it better with your friends, whenever you want!