5/29/18 4:18 PM

Photos to say “good morning” at the start of the day, colourful lunch breaks, an afternoon cappuccino with a good book, and sundowners with friends. If you share snaps of your social life on a daily basis, you need to know how to keep things fresh by choosing the right tool at the right time in order to add an artistic touch to your creations.

Selfies with an artistic flavour


Prisma is the record-breaking app that really got things started. It revolutionized the Instagram world with its unmistakable artistic filters. Take a photo and choose one of the options to get a picture with an expressionist or pop art flavour. One outstanding feature that is perfect for selfies allows you to apply the filters to the background only, thus adding an original touch while keeping everything in the foreground looking natural. Available to download free for iOS and Android, it’s one of the tools that you should always keep close at hand for when you want a break from the old routine. Another app that gives pictures an artistic twist is Pikazo, for iOS and Android. You can choose the style that suits you best, from graffiti to Picasso himself.

Set free your expressive side


Trigraphy is the perfect choice if you want to play with effects and textures. Available (for free, with in-app purchases) on the App Store, the app will immerse you in the contemporary visual arts scene, fusing photography, abstract art and illustration in a single form of expression. You can use more than 100 preset options to transform photos. The high-definition export feature means that you can create a picture using one of your photos then print it, frame it and give it to someone as an extremely original gift. Meanwhile, with PicsArt you can create double exposures, collages and stickers, allowing you to both experiment and communicate. The app is free on Google Playand the App Store, while packages of graphics and icons are available to purchase so that you can produce an endless stream of original content.


Black and white artistic allure for everyone

The timeless appeal of black and white instantly makes photos more engaging. All photography apps (including the standard ones found on smartphones) have a monochrome option, but it is the settings that really make the difference. Carbon, which is available for iOS only, allows users to control their desired effects with great precision, with options such as adding a grain similar to those seen on film-based photographs. If you want to overhaul the look of a picture, you can select duotone filters that convert your photos into your chosen hues. BlackCam Pro is a sound alternative for Android devices that costs €1.59If you want to play around with pictures, Color Pop Effects might be a good choice. Available for free on Google Play and the App Store, it allows you to choose which details to keep in colour - such as the hue of your lipstick or your sunglasses - and which to convert into black and white. Do you like the vintage look? Retromatic (€2.29, for the iPhone only) will take you back to the 1960s in the blink of an eye with its filters and its retro-style badges and backgrounds.


Additional options for fun creations



Stickers are the ideal way to show how you’re feeling while adding a fun splash of colour to your selfies. With Insta Emoji Photo Editor for Android and iOS, you can add emoji to your photos and even use them to replace your friends’ faces. Retrica is available on the App Store and Google PlayFinally, who says that selfies should be stationary? Lumyer really shakes things up by offering an alternative vision with animated filters, so that you can share GIFs or videos on social networks. There are reflecting light effects, glitter decorations and hearts for every occasion. It is available for iOS and Android.