4/8/16 9:49 AM

A jacket or cardigan today? Which shoes would match this skirt? And why can't I find those trousers? If every morning you waste too much time in front of the wardrobe and the mirror, maybe we should download a "digital style assistant"; that is, one of the many Apps that help you better manage your wardrobe and pay more attention to style. The panorama is now widely varied. Some applications work like real personal shoppers, advising us which new clothes to buy to achieve winning combinations with the clothing we already have in our drawers. Others are useful for programming our outfits for the whole week, also according to the weather forecast. And if a garment is forgotten at the bottom of the closet for too long, there is also an App that keeps track on it. Here are our top 5.

1. Stylebook, personal shopper 2.0

Who wouldn't love to have a personal assistant at our side every morning ... And this is exactly what Stylebook does: photo after photo it turns our closet into a virtual wardrobe, with the possibility to indicate our favourite items and latest purchases. Every day, the application (available at the App Store) suggests a brand new look, identifying the best mix and match of clothing and accessories. Stylebook tracks how often we wear a fashion item and proposes which items to keep and which to get rid of, which helps clean out the wardrobe. But the real added value is something else: the App also becomes a personal shopper. Have you noticed a wish-list cardigan online? Before concluding the purchase the app shows you how to match it with the other items in your wardrobe.

2. Cloth: look Vs meteo

Available free for Apple devices, the application takes care of our appearance while keeping an eye on our health. It starts with photographing and cataloguing our entire wardrobe on the App, storing it according to the fabrics: heavy sweaters in one section, cotton t-shirts in another, boots and ballerina pumps separately. The right combination also depends on the weather conditions: Cloth uses real-time weather data to recommend the most suitable outfit for the day. Is it sunny? Green light for a light jacket and sun glasses. Rain expected for the afternoon? Better take a raincoat with you. And so on. So you can dress in a hurry without even taking a look out the window.

3. ClosetSpace, a look a day

ClosetSpace is the ideal application for those who love wearing a different outfit every day. After photographing the clothes and storing the photos in the system, the "My Outfit" function creates outfits based on the colours, models and even the user's personal taste. Unique outfits guaranteed: the app connects to Google Calendar noting what we wear every day to avoid repeating the same combination too often. Available on Google Play and App store.

4. Closet+, your fashion week

Like the other digital style assistants, also in this case the App creates a multimedia wardrobe photographing your clothes. But Closet+ offers two extra advantages compared to similar Apps: it gives a feedback on the quality of the items based on price and condition over time; you can also organise your outfits for the whole week. It is free for iPhone and iPad.

5. Make room in your wardrobe with Twice

Purchase after purchase, is your wardrobe packed with clothes and ready to explode? You can always sell the garments which you don't use any more. Twice is like a second-hand market 2.0: you can sell clothes, shoes, bags and accessories of all kinds, still in good condition. You can also find some bargains buying designer items at excellent prices.