9/6/16 4:52 PM

Do you want to dress like your favourite entertainment stars? Now you can. Just have your smartphone close at hand. There are many apps that can identify the exact outfit worn by film and TV series stars in just one click. How do they work? Some use visual recognition technology. Others can listen to a piece of dialogue from a film and identify its title and all the details of the looks in that specific scene. Let’s have a look at the tools that can recommend the right style for Hollywood-loving fashionistas.

The Take: the Shazam of cinema

Would you like to know what your favourite actress is wearing? Ask The Take. It’s known as the Shazam of cinema because it uses the same search technology as the famous music recognition service to identify films and TV series: once The Take identifies the title, it also finds the looks flaunted by characters on set. Users can browse freely around the service, carrying out searches by title or actor: alongside offering an identikit of clothing and accessories, the app recommends where you can find these products online. Or at least something similar, perhaps even cheaper. But that’s not all: The Take also provides information on film locations, including restaurants, locating them on an interactive map.

SpyLight: spy on the stars’ looks

This app is based on a sound recognition system: are you watching a TV series and are fascinated by the look of the star in that scene? SpyLight records the dialogue from that piece of video, recognises it and once it’s identified the title, it provides all the details on the outfits in that scene. The process is quite fast and takes just a few seconds. The SpyLight team works closely with film studios to guarantee exact information on the clothing worn by actors. And if that item is too extravagant, it provides a similar alternative to suit all budgets.

LookLive: the algorithm to dress like they do on TV  

Do you want the clothes worn by stars of TV series? A start-up from Amsterdam has developed a special algorithm to identify them. On its web portal and in the smartphone version, LookLive collects thousands of frames from the most famous American TV series and provides information on all the outfits. But that’s not all: this app also finds the looks of stars off-set, when they’re snapped in the street or captured on the most prestigious red carpets. Here again LookLive identifies the item of clothing and recommends where to find the same outfit or a similar one at a lower price. LookLive does not only analyse actors’ looks, but also musicians and show business celebrities.

Lookly: the Italian start-up

Do you want the shoes shown in that film? Take a photo and trust Lookly. This all-Italian start-up brings the looks worn on television to life. Created to connect businesses with film production companies, this app promises to provide all the details on any product seen on screen and even points out nearby stores. Lookly identifies clothes but also objects and gadgets on set, especially Italian television products. It even identifies locations: the Lookly team’s projects include organising movie tours where films were shot for fans and enthusiasts.

The right look? Create it in a 90s style with #CherWears

Do you remember “Clueless”, that 1995 film for teenagers which captivated many young girls? Any nostalgic girls who want to get inspiration for their wardrobe from the looks of Amber, Dionne, Cher and Tai can try #CherWears. This service offers a selection of accessories and clothes that mirror the style of the stars in that film, pointing you to online shops where you can buy them. But what if you’re not quite sure about something on that wrap-over skirt you love? Try it! By using an avatar which you’ve set to your actual measurements. So all that’s left is to decide which style to copy. And if you’re in any doubt, #CherWears lets you take a quiz so you can find out which of the stars you are most like. You can then get inspiration from her wardrobe.