7/20/16 5:33 PM

Fashion tips? Now it's the bloggers who are dictating the trends. Fashionista.com, one of the most popular sites in the fashion sector, has published its list of the 20 most influential fashion bloggers in the world. And in ranking the most important influencers of the moment, the web portal has focused in particular on the role covered by the social networks. Instagram specifically is the virtual town square where fashion professionals can win the biggest audiences. Here are some of the most interesting profiles and names which it is worth following on the social photo platform.

The biggest influencer? It's still Chiara Ferragni

For the second year running, 28-year-old Chiara Ferragni, the only Italian in the list, is the most followed personality in fashion. Evidence of this is the user traffic to her site The Blonde Salad, launched in 2009, and her social media profiles, in particular Instagram, where she has over 5.9 million followers. Here the blogger and entrepreneur dispenses fashion, beauty and style tips alongside lifestyle photos of the latest fashions, modelled by herself and her friends. And there are plenty of glamorous selfies as well. Also helping make Ferragni one of the best-known faces in the world of fashion is the Chiara Ferragni Collection, a line of footwear which last year generated over 10 million dollars, with at least 300 specialised retailers all over the world.

Aimee Song, from Los Angeles with glamour

Give your favourite pair of jeans a new look. Combine them with floral patterns. Recognise the flat sandals which can make the difference to an outfit. But also what the latest catwalk trends are. Or the make-up for a photo which will do justice to your look. These things, amongst others, are covered on a daily basis by the site Song of Style, by Aimee Song, who is an interior designer by trade. The Los Angeles-based 29-year-old is the second most influential fashion blogger at the moment, according to Fashionista.com. With over 3.5 million followers, her Instagram feed is one of the most popular in the sector. Alongside photos of her wardrobe and outfits, the blogger shows off her great passion for accessories on Instagram. Necklaces, bracelets, bags, sunglasses and jewellery feature heavily in the photos she shares online.

Anna Dello Russo, from Vogue to Instagram

The Instagram profile of editor-at-large of Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo, has a strong catwalk flavour. The page is followed by over a million people (although she herself follows only about seventy users, mainly fashion personalities), and is packed with outfits, shows, models, street shots of improvised fashionistas and covers of the most important fashion magazines. There are also plenty of shots of her daily life, from dips in the swimming pool to walking her dog. But always with a glamorous touch.

Beyond the catwalks. Everyday Italian fashion

The web is full of Italian bloggers with a passion for fashion. Take Chiara Biasi: the young Friulian has created two collections of clutch bags and is spokesperson for a line of swimwear, while on Instagram (where she has over a million followers) she posts photos of herself out and about in fitness gear and at the beach. In short, it is the ideal account to follow if you want some tips on how to manage your normal day-to-day wardrobe. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a sophisticated yet fresh look to inspire you, a good alternative is Maria Rosaria Rizzo: her style tips won an award in the fashion section of the Golden Blog Awards 2014 in Paris thanks to her blog La coquette italienne. For mothers looking for style advice, Simona Mazzei comes to the rescue with Fiammisday, her blog (and Instagram feed) where she suggests the best combinations for women and their children, as well as mothers to be.

And for curvy women?

And who can curvy women look to when seeking an outfit to make the most of their figures? There are plenty of options, starting with Katie Sturino's The 12ish Style, where she self-assuredly shows off garments you always thought were only available to the skinny. Among the Italian curvy contingent is Alice Pasti, who updates her feed most days with shots of both work and free-time situations, showing off a different look and sparkling style each time.