6/22/16 5:59 PM

Did you like that pair of shoes you saw a girl wearing on the Tube? Or that cardigan featured in a magazine? And even that shirt your colleague wore isn’t bad...various apps are now at hand to find brands, prices and other useful shopping details. They are like “Shazam for fashion” (from the name of the famous song recognition app) and let you create an identikit of clothing in just a few seconds: just take a photo of the item you want and the likes of SnapFashion, Asap54 and other apps will tell you everything on that outfit. Including the websites where you can buy it.

The right look? ASAP54 will recommend it to you

How do you find that item of clothing you loved which you saw on the street or in a magazine? Take a photo and let your smartphone do the work. This is how ASAP54 works, an app developed by the homonymous London-based start-up founded by the Brazilian, Daniela Cecilio, in 2013. So if you see the perfect dress for that important evening out on the street, rather than in a shop window, just take a photo of it and upload the image onto the app, which will then identify the brand, price, fabric and best sites to buy it. You can also follow other “asapers” for inspiration. How about copying the style of the super model Cara Delevingne? She’s a fan too of the app. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Drezzy straight out of Italy

The Drezzy app came from a 100% Italian idea, a tool for users of the homonymous price comparison portal for fashion products. Here again, you just take a photo of the clothing and your online shopping is ready: the app compares various options from e-commerce sites, identifying the cheapest offer. It also provides a series of low-cost options. If your search is successful, you can also share your latest fashion purchase with your friends on Facebook. Alongside image searches, Drezzy also offers the most traditional text search which lets you look through an incredibly large archive of footwear, accessories, items of clothing and so on from among its 500 plus network stores. Available on Google Play and at the App Store.

SnapFashion, snap and mix

When you see the perfect outfit, look at it, snap it and buy it. “See it. Snap it. Buy it” is the motto of SnapFashion, an app created thanks to the intuition of the young English woman, Jenny Griffiths, available for free on iTunes and Google Play. SnapFashion is halfway between a fashion portal and an e-commerce site, fully focusing on matching and remixing images: by comparing your picture uploaded onto SnapFashion with the photos provided by a series of sellers involved in the service, you can track down that cardigan you really want. Or that bag you couldn’t find. But that’s not all: if you can’t find the original piece or it has a dizzying price tag, SnapFashion provides a series of alternatives to suit all pockets.

The Hunt, Style-Eyes and others

Slyce and Style-Eyes are also among the apps designed for shopaholics. Slyce is defined as a “Virtual Search Company” by its CEO, Mark Elfenbein, and counts over 8 million users in total: created by a Toronto-based start-up, Slyce collaborates with six of the top twenty sellers in the United States and less than a year ago it launched the Craves app, which uses a visual search engine to recognise any photographed clothes. Style Eyes is not that different (http://www.style-eyes.eu/de/), an app based on European brands. However, its colleague, The Hunt, fully focuses on the social side of shopping through visual recognition: this time, the community suggests where to find any wanted (and photographed) items for people who want jeans “just like these” or would be happy for something “similar to this”.