11/28/16 5:51 PM

We all have friends who are crazy about sport – some can't do without their training session in the gym, while others can't resist the charm of an open-air run in any season and any weather. Now that Christmas is approaching, it is definitely a good time to show how much we appreciate their sporting spirit and leave something suitable for them under the tree. And if your friend is a fan of technology and smartphones as well, so much so that they can't do without them during a training session, then you have the perfect combination. Let's see then what the best Cellularline sports accessories are for your Christmas gift list.

Easyfit Talk & Easyfit HR

The latest products from Cellularline, Easyfit Talk and Easyfit HR, are two simple and intuitive fitness trackers, ideal for keeping track of all daily physical activity. Featuring touchscreen displays, Easy Fit Talk and Easyfit HR give you readouts of steps taken, calories consumed and sleep tracking, as well as a practical distance travelled indicator. What sets these two new fitness trackers apart is their additional functions: Easyfit HR has a heart-rate display, ideal for those who want to keep track of their pulse throughout their training session, from warm-up to cool-down. Easyfit Talk, on the other hand, turns into a practical mono Bluetooth earphone when required: just remove the display from the wristband and activate the clip to allow you to converse while moving freely. Both wristbands also allow you to keep track of email and social-media notifications, as well as notifying you of incoming calls and activating your smartphone camera. In short, either would be the ideal present for your sport-mad friends to find under the Christmas tree.

Earband Running

If you have friends who like to continue running outdoors even throughout winter, we have the perfect Christmas present for them. Earband Running is the new sports headband with integrated stereo headphones which allows you to train while enjoying music to keep your energy levels up. Made of breathable and washable material, it is ideal for those who love to retain complete freedom of movement while training. With two different colours available, you can choose which will make the best statement underneath the Christmas tree.

Armband Flex

Another perfect accessory to give your sports-mad friends at Christmas is the brand-new Armband Flex, the perfect accessory for holding a smartphone during workouts. The armband is made of a breathable and washable material, and it is available in two different sizes depending on arm size. It also features a practical hole to allow you to connect your headphones so you can train with your favourite music.

Scorpion in-ear pro and Scorpion on-ear

Finally, let's talk about music and sport. As we know, many studies have confirmed that listening to music during physical activity has enormous benefits not only for athletic performance but also for our mood. This is why Bluetooth earphones are undoubtedly among the perfect Christmas presents for sports lovers. Cellularline offers a choice of two different models: Scorpion in-ear pro and Scorpion on-ear. Both of these stereo earphones feature a convenient and practical flexible earhook and exterior controls for the audio, as well as IPX3 certification – resistant to both rain and sweat, they are therefore ideal for either indoor or outdoor training. Once your friend has received this fantastic gift, all they will need to do is create their perfect playlist and let themselves be carried along by the energy of their favourite music!