11/8/16 5:27 PM

Do you need a touch of competition to get out on the bike more often? Try Strava, the favourite app of cyclists which lets you compare your performance with thousands of other users. However, if it’s music that really gets you going, then you have to download Rock My Run, which offers the best playlists that adapt to your pace. And not to forget Pokémon GO for anyone who can only get off the sofa for Pikachu and friends. There are more than just apps offering traditional training programmes: discover alternative ways to stay in shape.

Try a workout set to the beat of music

Keep up the pace and stimulate energy: music is an excellent adventure companion for any athletes. But only if you listen to the right tracks. The Rock My Run app offers a wide selection of hits remixed by the most famous international DJs, from David Guetta to Major Lazer and Afrojack. Content can be selected based on genre, historical period, duration or type of performance. The Premium version has a special feature that includes the myBeat function: Rock My Run tracks your work-out and alters the tempo of the tracks to select a suitable soundtrack for you. The aim is to ensure that the BPM (beats per minute) of the hit match your rhythm of movement. Available for iOS and Android devices.

If you love team games

Are you missing an opponent for a tennis match? Or do you need a goalie for that five-a-side football match? Some people give their best in sport when they feel part of a team. An app has therefore been especially designed to find someone nearby who shares your passion. Find a Player is the perfect alternative for anyone looking for a training partner: the app asks you a series of questions on your location and availability during the day, asking you to specify which activity you want from among the 140 sports on the app; at the end, it suggests a selection of candidates for you to contact quickly. Based on your preferences, you can also create a network of quick contacts.

For a bit of competition

Measuring your performance against others is motivating for athletes. This is why the Strava app suits the most competitive cyclists and runners: available for iOS and Android, this app keeps track of all your routes, recording distance and times, showing your best performances and monitoring your progress. That would be nothing new, if it were not for that Strava is connected to smartphones of other athletes you know and don’t: you can therefore compare your performance against other athletes who have done the same route, creating real ranking tables. To encourage improvement, Strava also lets you see training info from certain professional athletes, including a few runners who took part in the last Tour de France.

Increase your pace

What if a 500-mile tale of espionage could stimulate your daily training? Halfway between a fitness tracker and a video game, The Walk is a smartphone app developed in collaboration with the British Department of Health in order to encourage people to be more active every day. When you launch the app, you set off on a thriller in instalments, alternating with music breaks, but you can only continue with the story if you keep walking. You discover another piece to the puzzle with every extra metre, turning boring walks into an adventure packed full of suspense. It will take about three months of walking, on average, to complete the story.

Train while playing

Stay in shape while catching Pokémon. Who says that Niantic’s record-breaking app can’t be an incentive to exercise? You certainly won’t catch these scary creatures by sitting on the sofa, so by wondering down streets and through parks, Pokémon GO users have increased their daily exercise. According to certain figures, during the first weekend following the app’s launch, Pokémon GO users saw an increase of 62.5% in the number of steps taken compared with a normal weekend. So then, what little monster are you missing?