Cellularline develops every accessory starting from a detailed analysis of user needs, the peculiarities of the market and the distribution demands.

Nowadays, smartphones and tablets physically accompany users throughout the day, both at work and in their leisure time. Precisely for this reason, Cellularline accessories guarantee increased enjoyment, whilst facilitating and enhancing the user's relationship with technology in his possession: the Cellularline brand therefore offers a wide range of accessories that are the emblem of innovation, quality and ease of use.

The design and product concepts are developed directly in Italy, sometimes in collaboration with other technology partners.

Production is outsourced, depending on the type of product and the technology required, in Italy, Europe and the Far East.

Moreover, Cellularline conducts ongoing accurate analyses on the evolution of styles and the interaction between shapes, material and the perception of the products, in order to devise products which are always abreast of the evolution of the needs and tastes of users.

For this reason, every Cellularline accessory is characterised by a unique design that is able to summarise and effectively convey the specific values of the brand, innovation and ease of use of the products.