Friend Of Nature is permanent institutional project promoted by Cellularline S.p.A., using its own brands, in order to support an environmentally sustainable development, i.e. a process aimed at achieving environmental, economic, social and institutional improvement, at both a local and global level.

In a relationship of interdependence, this process ties protection and enhancement of natural resources to the economic, social and institutional dimension, in order to meet the demands of current generations, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

In this section, we aim to provide a useful information tool to illustrate all the initiatives undertaken in this sector and relative achievements, to engage the consumer in activities which can improve the efficacy of our intents.


  • To reduce the environmental impact of corporate processes and activities .
  • To reduce energy consumptions required for the production and transportation of our products.
  • To engage consumersin a correct and conscious disposal of the packaging used for our products and accessories which have become obsolete.


With this project our intention is to take our first step towards the responsible and eco-sustainable development of our business, exploiting an institutional commitment that remains consistent over time.

The method is very straightforward: we have included the concept of "regard for the environment" as an element of evaluation in all decision-making processes and business activities, at all levels and responsibilities.

It is a clear and at the same time challenging commitment, as the purpose is to simultaneously guarantee benefits for consumers and respect for the environment, without raising prices or reducing the quality of our products.


In this section you will find a list of activities that we have implemented to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.


Cellularline S.p.A. complies with the provisions of the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and does not use substances that endanger health in their products.

The collaboration with ecoR'it ensures that the waste generated by our obsolete electronic products is disposed of in accordance with the WEEE Directive.


The reduction of packaging is one of the main objectives of the Friend Of Nature project. The challenge is to reduce size and consumptions without foregoing the information necessary to inform consumers correctly.

The first step is a progressive reduction of the amount of paper used for boxes, through the reduction in the thickness and width.

In the 2013/2014 2 year period, we reduced the average consumption of paper for packaging by about 30%. In 2016 it is expected that further efforts will bring this reduction down to 50%. 


The decrease in packaging size allows us to increase the number of transported products in any single shipment, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions generated by transport.


This year we stopped printing paper catalogues, developing a fully electronic catalogue system: thanks to this initiative we have eliminated the paper consumption of this activity.