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Clear Duo

The ultra-protective case that combines a hard back and a rubber frame with raised edges, featuring air cushions that guarantee extra protection for the corners, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to protect their smartphone while highlighting its design.


A hard, transparent and ultra-slim case, which guarantees an excellent way of simply and discreetly protecting your phone from scratches.



This transparent, ultra-slim soft rubber case, made with air cushions to provide the best protection for corners, adapts perfectly to the design of your smartphone while enhancing its details.

Anti Gravity

This case with a transparent resin super-grip back adheres perfectly to smooth surfaces like glass and mirrors, letting you use your smartphone hands-free: talking and watching videos becomes quick and easy!



The case with a transparent back and black frame made with soft-touch material: perfect for anyone who wants discreet, thin, ultra-light protection.






The practical, essential case made with a faux leather finish, perfect for protecting the back, edges and display of your smartphone.


Available colours




Ok Display Flex

The self-installing transparent film with bubble-free technology perfect for protecting your display against scratches. The Flex material also guarantees perfect adherence to the edges of the screen.

Second Glass Ultra

The thin, extra-tough tempered glass screen protector perfect for protecting your display from knocks and scratches, while making it crisper and brighter.


Second Glass Ultra Capsule

The ultra-transparent thermoformed shockproof tempered glass screen protector that protects your display from edge to edge without affecting its definition or brightness.




Tetraforce Shock-Twist

Ultra-protective flexible cases with a shock-absorbing inner band that ensures the best protection against scratches and drops from up to 3 metres high.


Available colours


Tetraforce Shock-Tech

Ultra-protective cases with a hard back, ergonomic super-grip frame and an inner band that absorbs impact and protects your smartphone from scratches and drops from up to 4 metres high.





Colourful soft rubber cases available in 4 bright shades, perfect for customising your smartphone without hiding its design thanks to their slim, transparent look.


Available colours



The case with a sparkly glitter finish that enhances the colour of your phone, perfect for anyone who loves to take selfies and record videos hands-free thanks to the special resin on the back which perfectly adheres to glass and mirrors and doesn’t gather any dust!





Book Agenda

The book-style case with an adjustable stand and card slots to guarantee maximum convenience and a stylish look at the same time.


A book-style case with a removable back cover: a single practical, complete solution to meet any needs.



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