Colour, personality and lots of glamour: our smartphone accompanies us throughout our daily lives, which is why we need to make it unique by matching it not only with our outfit, but also with the mood of our day. Discover our new Stardust, Selfie and Bling cases, and have fun customising your smartphone whenever you want!


When you simply rotate the case, your smartphone sparkles with a rain of glitter to make your day shimmer! Also, you can express your personality at any time with the wording on the back of the cover. Love, Shine and Make it happen: choose the Stardust case that's right for you, or have fun collecting them all!






Want to take a perfect selfie? Whether by yourself or with friends, use our Selfie case to stick your smartphone on windows or mirrors, start the camera in the self-timing mode, pose in front of the phone and say CHEESE! It's not only practical, but also very stylish: the finish with iridescent glitter is a perfect match for the colour of your smartphone and adds an extra touch of brightness.







With Bling cases, you can customise your phone whenever you want with a simple twist of the wrist! Thanks to the two interchangeable sheets of film included in the package, you can dress up your smartphone in a different style for any occasion. A film with silver glitter, accompanied by a decorative pattern chosen from Camo, Rainbow and Animalier: all you have to do is choose the one that goes best with your outfit!