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5000mAh Wireless Power Bank compatible with Mag Safe technology

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Product Code: PBMAGSLIM5000WIRD


MAG LITE 5000 is a 5000 mAh compatible portable charger with MagSafe technology. For effective and safe charging simply attach the Power Bank magnetically to your MagSafe-equipped iPhone, without the need for cables or precise alignment. The slim and compact design allows you to take the MAG LITE 5000 with you wherever you go and charge your iPhone without any cables. Available in 2 different colours to be colour-matched with your iPhone and the corresponding Magsafe cases.


  • Magnetic fastening for perfect grip and stability
  • ULTRA-SLIM: a compact, slim design that is handy to carry around with you
  • Designed for MagSafe: designed for iPhones with MagSafe technology, it guarantees wireless charging up to 7.5W
  • Compatibility: iPhone 12 and later, recharging without case or with MagSafe case
  • PACK CONTENTS: portable charger, USB-C cable, instructions
  • Metal and soft-touch finishes


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