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What is it?

Have you bought a TETRA FORCE SHOCK-TWIST, TETRA FORCE SHOCK-TECH and CLEAR DUO case? As of 1 October 2017* Cellularline provides a lifetime warranty for your case, hence extending the validity of the statutory warranty. Read the Terms and conditions of the warranty to find out all the details!

How do you request it?

It’s simple!

If the product is faulty, just send us by registered post:
  • The original purchase invoice/receipt
  • A photograph of the faulty case
  • The PDF file (which can be downloaded in the Download area) to be filled in with your personal details and the name of the case.

To find out more, download the file Terms and conditions in the Download area.



Download Area

*Guaranteed For Life is valid for all the TETRA FORCE SHOCK-TWISTTETRA FORCE SHOCK-TECH and CLEAR DUO cases purchased from 1 October 2017 onwards, even without a dedicated logo on the packaging.