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Designer music to relax to

October 2019

Moby’s latest track was produced exclusively for Calm, the famous app that helps make our intensive digital lives more peaceful. But it’s not the only app with relaxing playlists. Here are some of the best picks to balance body and mind. 

Calm, the app with a Moby playlist

With almost 200 tracks and more than 150 million streams, launched just two years ago, Calm is a music app that offers users a selection of relaxing tracks and playlists. In March 2019, Calm sealed a major new partnership: the US artist Moby decided to publish his new album exclusively on this musical streaming platform. “Long Ambients 2” is a minimalist musical selection of six tracks, each approximately 37 minutes long, produced by Moby for relaxation: “The album was designed to help me sleep and to help other people to find calm. I want to share it with people who have trouble sleeping and anyone struggling with anxiety”. Elected “2017 App of the year” by Apple, Calm is available on iOS and Android.


Relax Melodies, say goodbye to insomnia!

Fall asleep to the sound of waves, the rustling of wind-blown leaves or birdsong: Relax Melodies offers a series of relaxing sounds and melodies designed to help you sleep and relax. Users can select their favourites from among more than 100 relaxing sounds, adjust the volume on each track and mix them together to combat insomnia. Available for iOS and Android devices, Relax Melodies includes not only playlists but also beginners’ meditation lessons, bedtime stories and advice on breathing techniques, to restore mental and physical well-being. 


Warm Me Up, to warm up your voice

On Tabs & Chords you can consult an archive of musical scores for the guitar (but also for the bass or ukulele) that’s constantly updated with the biggest hits, so it’s excellent if you want to learn to play your favourite new song that you heard on the radio. With its integrated metronome and tuner, the app is an excellent starting point on its own for anyone interested in playing: you can also search by song difficulty, avoiding that frustrating moment when you’re faced with an overly complicated score. And if a song is not there? You can always add it yourself and collaborate with the archive. Tabs & Chords can be downloaded for iOS for €3,49, and for Android for €2,50.


Cove, personalised music therapy

Music is good for the mood, but not everyone enjoys the same sounds. Cove is an app designed to allow everybody to express an emotion through sounds and melodies. After launching the app, you can select one of the many states of mind and then choose from thirty different musical instruments. Tap to add chords, sounds, melodies and percussion: the result is a feelgood soundtrack you can save in your library and listen to whenever you like. Cove lets you share your results online and requires no musical ability at all.