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Fancy a last-minute trip? An app can help

May 2019

Need to organise yourself at the last minute? Flights, hotel rooms, all-inclusive holiday packages: if you know where to look, you can find real bargains online. Here are some apps that you can trust to save you money.

Hopper, for flexible travellers

Have you already chosen the destination of your next holiday but don’t know when to leave? Hopper is a tool specifically designed to help you identify the best time to fly, while keeping an eye on your wallet. Enter your destination and Hopper will show you a calendar of flights for the next six months: by using an algorithm based on artificial intelligence, the app compares prices and shows the best options in real time. Hopper will also tell you whether the flight price is expected to go up or down, recommending whether to book now or wait. And if you’re flying to a city with several airports, it will tell you where to take off and land. The app is available for free for iOS and Android and promises to save you “up to 40% on your next flight”. The Wall Street Journal  has given Hopper’s reliability in predicting changes in flight prices a score of 8 out of 10.


Fareness, if you don’t know where to go

This essentially works like Hopper but the other way round: Fareness is a service designed for people who only have an exact leaving date but no preference on their destination. When connected to the web portal or smartphone app, you can enter your travel dates and departure airport and you’ll get an overview of the cheapest destinations for the given period in just a few seconds. But it doesn’t end here: fancy going to Paris? If it’s too expensive, Fareness will show alternatives from other major European cities. Do you prefer the seaside? Then here’s the best price for, say, Maui and Honolulu. The results can be filtered based on numerous categories and user preferences: you can ask Fareness to show you the most suitable alternatives for a selection of destinations, discovering, for example, which is the best option on your available dates out of the Hawaiian islands, Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico’s beaches. And so on.


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