12/13/17 3:26 PM

Experience the feeling of flight with your feet firmly on the ground. Fly over the city you want to visit before booking your holiday. Dive into the Great Coral Reef from the comfort of your living room. This and much more is what virtual reality can provide for travellers, either before or during their trips. And all you need is a smartphone and a VR headset.

Ascape, travel in VR (even offline)

The beaches of Hawaii, the streets of Amsterdam or New York, the elephants of Africa and the sharks of the Caribbean. Or perhaps an afternoon at the Coca-Cola museum, a journey through vintage automobiles at Detroit's Henry Ford Museum, or a tour of the Denver Broncos NFL stadium. These are but a few of the immersive experiences which Ascape's 360-degree videos can offer through a headset or a smartphone. Available for Android and iOS, Ascape offers users a vast archive of immersive videos, which include many of the world's most coveted destinations but also unique events like Norway's traditional Reindeer Run or the Star Wars parade at Disneyland Hong Kong. What makes Ascape different? The videos can be downloaded onto your smartphone and enjoyed offline.

Las Vegas is just an app away

Ever fancy wandering through the many marvels and temptations of Vegas? That's exactly what the Vegas VR app lets you do, as you embark on a journey through the sights and sounds of Sin City. The night life, the casinos, the lavish suites and mansions, a helicopter ride at sunset, the striking vistas of Red Rock Canyon, drifting on a gondola through the Grand Canal Shoppes... are all experiences you can enjoy thanks to Vegas VR, available for both iOS and Android devices. The service, developed by the GeoVegas portal and commissioned by the city of Las Vegas, is compatible with several headsets and each video can also be viewed on your smartphone display.

A better view of Google Street View

Google Street View lets you explore the most interesting corners of the globe, discover the planet's natural wonders, or even visit stadiums and museums... in virtual reality! Big G has recently added a VR feature to its award-winning tool, letting users wander through its enormous database of 360-degree photos using a smartphone headset, thus adding a whole new dimension (literally!) to our sightseeing adventures around the world. You need the latest version of Google Street View to use this innovative function. The app also lets users make VR videos with ease and share them online, making them available to all users. 

Virtual Voyages with YouVisit VR

Would you like to set sail on a spectacular voyage along the coast of Croatia? YouVisit VR has one of the world's most impressive libraries of virtual interactive content, with thousands of 360-degree videos of breathtaking travel destinations. From Thailand's Ayautthaya temples to the Louvre, and from helicopter trips above New York City to dramatic mountaineering ascents in the Italian Alps: YouVisit VR, available for Apple and Android devices, lets you enjoy hundreds of videos in augmented reality through either your web browser, smartphone or headset, and also allows users to easily create and share their own virtual tours.

Virtual tours in the world of Qantas VR

Australian airline Qantas has recently launched a new VR app which uses virtual reality technology to showcase the best Australia has to offer: from guided tours of nature preserves to visiting the country's main attractions, you'll be able to enjoy the wonders Down Under without leaving your house. Available for iPhone or Android and compatible with the most common headsets, Qantas VR includes some of Australia's most iconic experiences, like scuba diving in the Great Coral Reef, crossing the Sidney Harbour Bridge and river cruising in Kakadu National Park. Qantas VR also features some highly engaging airline-specific VR experiences: where else can you hop into the cockpit of a plane right before the amazing final approach to Hamilton Island airport?