7/13/16 12:06 PM

Goodbye to indoor venues and sports halls! In summer, singers and musicians take their events outside to squares, stadia and parks. But how can you be sure not to miss a date? To keep informed about the open-air dates of your favourite groups, we have selected the best apps for lovers of live events. There are ever-increasing numbers, according to Assomusica's analysis of Siae data: in 2015, 3,965 live music events were organised, with a total audience of 6.9 million (12% up on the previous year).

Find out who is playing in your town

Where is your favourite singer performing? Among the apps which can keep you informed on live events featuring both the most famous artists and lesser-known bands is Bandisintown. Available for Android and iOS devices, when you first launch this app it asks you about your musical tastes and then provides you with information on concerts of your favourite artists, also informing you of other events which you might like. And if your favourite artist adds a new date to their tour, you will receive a notification directly on your smartphone. It is also possible to view the events catalogue traditionally, by searching by date, location and band, before inviting your friends to the event via social networks. Another good option is Date Concerti: this app, published by music magazine Rockit, focuses on concerts given in Italy by both Italian and foreign artists. It also notifies you of nearby live events via your phone's geolocation feature. The app, which can be found on iTunes and Google Play, often holds contests for its users, with tickets to events on offer as prizes.

The ABCs of live events

Now you have discovered that your favourite artist is playing nearby, how can you get tickets? The leading ticket sales portal is TicketOne, which is available as a free download for iOS and Android. Then all you have left to do is to prepare for the concert! Kimd has been developed to allow you to take the best photos without disturbing the rest of the stadium: set your screen brightness to minimum and shoot! The app allows you to take photos and shoot video even inside dark environments such as those in live venues. Your smartphone is also ideal when the band launches into an epic ballad, but not for taking photos this time: the Virtual lighter app creates a virtual flame on your screen, perfect for creating the right atmosphere during the band's signature tune. Just like audiences used to do with their lighters.

Relive the best concerts

Who wouldn't want to have been present at Woodstock? Or to have seen Freddie Mercury live? There is an app which can transport you right into the pit for those concerts you were too young or unable to attend. Qello Concerts offers a huge musical archive, ranging from 1920s jazz to the most recent hits, with documentaries and concert footage from some of the most famous events in history. Qello Concerts works like a musical encyclopaedia: selecting a title allows you view production and setlist information. It is also possible to create six-hour-long playlists. The app is free to download for Android and iOS, but the service costs €3.98 per month after a free one-week trial. The content offered by SoundHalo, an archive of HD concert recordings, features more recent and more amateur footage. And if you remember the chorus but not the title of a track, you can count on SoundHound to track it down. It works like the well-known app Shazam, but does even more: it can even recognise a track based on a hummed part, and not just the original recording.

Live music? Now it's social, too

Various smartphone apps are designed specifically to make every live music event social. This is the idea behind Concert Setlists, which is aimed at those who want to remember the setlist after a concert: the app is updated daily with live setlists from all over the world, created by the user community. Believe it or not, it now features over two million setlists, ranging from emerging bands to the most famous international stadium fillers. Encore – the social network for live music lovers – on the other hand, makes photos and video footage of shows available to everybody. The app gathers together a wide range of content which can also be shared on the most popular social networks. But it doesn't end there: as well as a huge catalogue, Encore shares the latest news on tours and concerts.