Easy Fit Touch - Universal Easy Fit Touch - Universal
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Easy Fit Touch - Universal

Everything under control, at the touch of a button

Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal
Easy Fit Touch - Universal



The Easyfit Touch fitness wristband with touchscreen for monitoring everyday activities makes the most advanced fitness tracker technology easy and user-friendly. Featuring gentle wake-up, exercise and calorie monitor, but also notification preview and call display. Its advanced functions make it a complete, high-performance device, yet it’s still easy to use. It’s now easier to live better.

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Great performance, maximum ease of use. Perfect monitoring!

Would you always like to know how many calories you’ve burnt, miles travelled or if you’ve had enough sleep? With Easy Fit Touch, the touch screen fitness wristband for monitoring daily life, just turn your wrist and you’ll always have everything under control. Activate the display and you’ll find many features for your fitness: step counter, training time, distance travelled, sleep monitoring and gentle wake-up. To make your life even easier, there’s notification preview, a “find my phone” function, camera control, etc. Rain and sweat-proof, this fitness tracker goes perfectly with every outfit. Just charge it like a normal USB pen drive and it’ll be ready for you in a simple, functional and clear way. Still not convinced? There’s even a second spare strap for you!
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Photo & Video

Easy Fit Touch - Universal


  • "Easy Charging" Technology: the display can be removed to become a USB pen drive that can be charged with a PC or any other common charger
  • "Find the phone" function
  • Battery life: 5-7 days
  • Calculation of maximum time slots "for recovery"
  • Caller ID: displays the caller's name
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and above, iOS 6 and above, excluding iPhone 4
  • Fitness functions: calorie monitoring, step counting, calculation of distance travelled, training time
  • IP67 certification: resistant to rain, sweat and short immersion
  • Monitoring of sleep phases, gentle wake-up
  • Notification previews: displays previews of incoming messages, and notifications from WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networks
  • Touch-screen display
  • Touch-screen remote control of camera
  • WRIST-SENSE TECHNOLOGY: the display comes on when you turn your wrist, so you can see what time it is or access important information in the most natural way possible, just like looking at a wristwatch!
  • CertificationsBLUETOOTH, IP67


This product may be used with:

  • acer
  • alcatel
  • amazon
  • amoi
  • apple
  • asus
  • benq-siemens
  • benq
  • blackberry
  • doro
  • htc
  • huawei
  • i-mate
  • innostream
  • kdi
  • lenovo
  • lg
  • martin dawes
  • mediacom
  • microsoft
  • mitsubishi
  • motorola
  • nec
  • ngm
  • nokia
  • onda
  • oppo
  • palm one
  • palm
  • panasonic
  • philips
  • qtek
  • sagem
  • samsung
  • sendo
  • sharp
  • siemens
  • sony-ericsson
  • sony
  • telit
  • tim
  • trekstor
  • universale
  • vodafone
  • wiko
  • xplore
  • zte

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