Style Case Drink - iPhone 6S/6 Style Case Drink - iPhone 6S/6
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Style Case Drink - iPhone 6S/6

A dash of style, colour and personality

Product Code STYCDRINKIPH647

Featuring beautiful, incredibly romantic, colourful patterns, Style Cases are transparent soft rubber cases with such wonderful designs that you’ll want to collect them all. All the patterns are designed so that they don’t cover your device’s design, on the contrary, they enhance all its distinctive features. Style Cases are perfect for customising your smartphone with a dash of imagination and style.

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  • Super-soft, ultra-transparent rubber
  • The decorative patterns don't cover the features on the back, but enhance the design of the iPhone
  • CompatibilityIPHONE 6S/6
  • MaterialSOFT
  • Color081
  • PatternDRINK


This product may be used with:

  • apple

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